Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit In Nepal Lab

Nepal Lab in last two year has set an example for one stop destination to showcase your products in Nepeales market which provide you an excellent opportunity to meet with more than 6000 + lab experts.

Nepal lab only trade exhibition dedicated to the laboratory Industry in Nepal . It is the nation’s largest gathering of laboratory manufacturers and suppliers, making it an important event for powering the business of Science. It is supported by Nepal`s top science institutions and associations.

Supporting Associations

  • Association of Pharma Producers of Nepal
  • Nepal food Scientists & Technologists Association
  • Nepal Chemical Society
  • Association of Clinical Pathologists of Nepal
  • Nepal Association for Clinical Chemistry
  • Nepal Association for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Nepal Science Olympiad
  • Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN)
  • Nepal Public Health Association
  • Nepal Medical Association
  • Nepal Engineer Association

Nepal Lab offers you the opportunity to meet  key decision makers and buyers from your industry. It gives you the platform to: turn conversation into sales, share and exchange relevant information, launch new products or to simply make your brand name familiar amongst the right people.

It is the perfect platform to do business and to display new products and services to a dedicated audience of lab end-users and buyers.

In last two years 300 + Exhibitors already set their market after meeting with potential buyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, distributors, dealers and suppliers and users from Nepal.

  • All-inclusive stand package price
  • Easily measureable ROI
  • We attract the buyers and influencers you want to meet
  • Specialised and focused
  • Rapid face-to-face business
  • Two days of intensive selling
  • Easy to plan, book and participate
  • Highly targeted marketing campaign
  • Close cooperation with prominent trade magazines and associations
  • Great opportunity to engage in the laboratory community

Strong presence of Nepalese Market leaders and decision makers meet at Nepal lab Expo and got benefited and Take advantage of this powerful network for your success. Rest will be the same ?

This is the market of Nepal which will push you to exhibit in Nepal Lab Expo according to matching your products with Nepalese industry.

Be it via the rewarding live event marketing options of exhibiting at Nepal Lab; offer your brands true 'permission' marketing, unlike the 'interruptive' alternatives. So here are five great reasons that you can use to persuade your boss to invest in Nepal Lab.

More bang for your buck: Exhibiting at Nepal Lab is one of the most cost-effective ways for your company to reach qualified audiences of Nepal Market. According to a US study by Exhibit Surveys Inc., the average cost per visitor reached at a trade show is £120, while the average cost of a field sales call is £195.

Less work, more fulfilling: Sales leads gathered at events require less effort to close. Research by Exhibit Surveys indicates that only 0.8 calls are needed to close a qualified trade show lead, compared to 3.7 calls to close a typical business sale. Also, 54% of all orders placed as a result of a trade show lead require no personal follow-up visit, according to another study by the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation.

Fresh faces: The busy people at Exhibit Surveys say that only 12% of the average exhibitor's stand traffic has been called on by a salesperson from that company in the 12 months prior to the show; 88% therefore are NEW prospects. Furthermore, B2B shows deliver you high-quality visitors. 82% of visitors have buying influence for the exhibiting company's products or services, and 49% are planning to buy those products or services.

Competitive edge: Exhibitions offer your company another opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You can outshine the competition with a well trained stand staff, aggressive pre- and at-show promotion, eye-catching stand design, and conscientious follow-up after the show. Also, event attendees use the opportunity to 'comparison shop'. So this is your opening to point out where your product is superior - in performance, pricing, service, etc.

Supported Organisations