About Nepal Lab


S.D. Promo Media Pvt. Ltd. is the premier trade promotion company serving the needs of sectors like Laboratory, Scientific, Analytical, Biotech, Education, Pharma, Optical, Ophthalmology and Medical Etc. We are first in India to provide comprehensive and multidimensional services to laboratory and scientific community to research and explore markets, sourcing new clients/partners, informing and educating prospective and existing clients/ partners, showcase their products, build brands, and develop strategic partnerships. We not only have expertise and provide services in Indian market but also cover select foreign markets like Africa, Middle East, South & East Asia

E.R.M.Concpets Pvt Ltd. is the partner company for the Nepal Lab Show 2018.


Chemical and Medical Association of Nepal [CHEMSAN] is an organization of business firms involved in chemical as well as medical equipment’s retailing as well as in wholesaling of business involved companies in Nepal. The organization forms the network in the country, with the purpose of connecting all such companies in the country. CHEMSAN is purely a non-government organization of Chemical & Medical Equipment trade profession. Established with intentions of monitoring all our members and associates, we have high aims of strictly maintain persistency. The field requires accuracy and precision, remaining no chances of apologies. Thus, to prevent future blunders and stability, at the same time, we have raised ourselves to prevail positive results. When it comes to reflect loyalty, we haven’t compromised. And we have not left a single stone unturned for our valued members to enjoy their rights and privileges. With respect to time, we are consistently expanding our boundaries, further benefiting our members.
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